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About this site

Complex Information System for Road Transport - Electronic Services (JISCD-ESD)“


„Complex Information System for Road Transport – JISCD” is a comprehensive information system providing an efficient management, recording and regulation of the public agenda in the area of transportation, more specifically in the areas including driving schools administration, technical services administration and the management of professional competencies in road transportation.

JISCD provides the public an easier decision-making in life situations relating to digital driving schools, certification system in transportation and integrated technical services. Implemented functionalities include electronic submission of requests, related notifications, improved quality of education and certification, and the system will, in effect, provide for a lower occurrence of technically inadequate vehicles in traffic.

The main purpose of JISCD is to provide services to the public in the above mentioned areas by means of information system through a single access point.

The portal is managed by the special Act on JISCD as well as regulations of Act No. 275/2006 Coll. on Public Administration Information Systems and by the Act No. 305/2013 Coll. on e-Government.


JISCD provides:

  • Common Registries as specified in the Act on JISCD
  • Additional services to the public such as
    • Online ordering system for various types of vehicle checks, whether mandatory or otherwise
    • Electronic vehicle service record
    • Information on various aspects of transportation agendas, including professional and legal information


JISCD from citizen’s point of view:

  • Is the only medium for submitting requests in the road transportation area
  • Is a place to find all the current information and first-hand services
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